We make products that will survive the zombie apocalypse.

There are two types of people: those that have a Z-Plan and those that do not. Jared's Z-Plan is to first rescue Brian, who can make/fix anything.

Brian and Jared used to work together at a marketing agency in Orange County. Jared was always showing stuff to or asking for things from Brian who says, "I can make that."

Our products are so good, they will survive the zombie apocalypse, and perhaps even help you to do so.**

Jared decided to put the awesome stuff Brian was making on Etsy, and now we have this shop.

The End.

** DISCLAIMER: If and when a zombie apocalypse does occur, Z-Plan Products shall not be liable for your untimely death. No refunds will be issued for our products failing to help you escape being eaten by zombies. Good luck! **

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